July 26, 2012

CV REVIEW NOTE (Part 4): Showing Your Religion On Your CV

About 60% of the CVs I've received for review have the religion entry. Why do you state your religious affiliation on your CV?

As I always say, the purpose of your CV is to show a recruiter/employer your abilities, skills etc. When writing up your CV, your aim is to ensure that you include items that will give you an advantage in the recruitment process. Your chances of being successful in your job application are increased if, and only if, you meet the requirements of the advertised job. 

So should you state your religion on your CV?

Quite simply, NO; you shouldn't because you don't need to!

Consider the following;

1. Does the advertised job require a specific religious affiliation?
While I am yet to come across a job advert that specified the need to belong to certain/specific religious groups, I will like to assume there may exist such adverts (eg vacancies existing within a religious organisation) and in such cases, listing your religious affiliation MAY be to your advantage. Nevertheless, excluding your religious affiliation will have no effect all together unless a recruiter has insisted you do so. Certain information should only be revealed on a need to know basis. That is, disclose only when asked.

2. Does your religion reflects your skill?
Who has better negotiating skills; Christians, Hindus or Muslims? Who has better communication skills; Christians, Hindus or Muslims. Who has better report writing skill; Christians, Hindus or Muslims. I'm sure you're probably wondering why I'm asking such pointless questions. Your religion does not measure or reflect whether or not your possess Employable Skills. Hence stating it on your CV is really a poor use of space and doesn't add to the effectiveness of your CV.

Do it right...only reflect your SKILLS on your CV!!


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