January 25, 2012

CV REVIEW NOTE (Part 3): NYSC & Industrial Training Work Experience

In the past couple of weeks, Career Objective and Clarity have been covered as part of CV review notes.

In this part of the CV Review Note, I'll be writting on NYSC and Industrial Training work experience.

Are you a recent graduate? If yes, then your NYSC and Industrial Training work experience are of great importance. Work experience is not about how much you were paid on the job, it is about what you did. I noticed some CVs just listed the year, name of their employer and job title. No information was given on what they did on the job - activities (duties or responsibilities).

Please don’t give the excuse that you were just a subject teacher or admin assistant during your NYSC service year. It is still work experience. These jobs require allot of skills and I suggest you take the time and draw out the activities you performed while on the job. Bring out at least 5 activities you did on these jobs and structure them to highlight the core skill required for a job in your ideal profession.
When you’ve had more years / activities of work experience, you may decide to give just brief summaries of the less relevant employment.

The same also applies if you worked part time while undertaking your studies at university.
I have highlighted work experiences gained from NYSC and IT because I've come to notice that a great majority of recent graduates in Nigeria gain their work experiences through these schemes only.

Please find the words to describe your activities (duties or responsibilities) and include them on your CV. This is the best way to portray your skills to a recruiter.

 How do you list activities on your CV?
The following image is a cut out of a CV I received recently. This is a CV of a recent graduate and the only work experiences listed were those gained during his NYSC year and IT.

Moving on to his reviewed CV. Changes were made.
He added the activities he performed on these jobs and even though he was interested in a career in HR, he structured these work experiences to highlight the core Employability Skills for a career in HR.

The following image is a cut out of  the reviewed CV:

I'm sure you can notice there is a huge difference between both images. It is still the same CV and the only thing that has been changed is the manner with which these skills have been captured.
Need I say more?

*NYSC - National Youth Service Corps
* IT - Industrial Training


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