July 27, 2012

LONDON 2012 is Here!

We've waited and waited and waited a bit more and it's finally here!

PHOTO: (Google) LONDON 2012, Olympic Games
Nigeria will be represented by 53 athletes and participate in 8 sports. This is in sharp contrast to other teams like Great Britain with 558 athletes participating in 36 sports, team United States with 539 athletes participating in  35 sports.

However, Nigeria still remains in the charts as one of the leading African teams in terms of number of participating athletes alongside South Africa which will be represented by 133 athletes participating in 20 sports, Kenya will be represented by 50 athletes participating in 4 sports and Ghana which will be represented by 9 athletes participating in 4 sports.

When it comes down to medals, Kenya is the African leader! Last Olympics (Beijing 2008) Kenya won a total of 14 medals (6 gold, 4 each of silver and bronze), Nigeria won 4 medals (1 silver and 3 bronze with no gold), Ghana did not win any medals and South Africa won 1 medal only.

The medal predictions for London 2012 estimate that Kenya will maintain its lead in Africa with 15 medals (9 Gold, 5 Silver and 1 bronze).

Nigeria does not appear anywhere on the medal prediction table that I viewed (in other words, they are predicting that Nigeria will not win any medals in London 2012!). I refuse to believe that! #TeamNigeria all the way.

 See the full prediction table here and a list of the top 25 as follows;

PHOTO: London 2012, Olympic medal predictions

England won the rights to host the games in 2005 when an estimated £2.4 billion (N624 billion) was budgeted to run the Olympics.  HOWEVER, official estimates have shown that the expenditure on hosting the games has gone up to about £9 billion (N2.3trillion) .

Unofficial estimates show £24 billion (N6.4 trillion) as the expenditure for London 2012. The unofficial estimates includes expenses that have not been added to the official budget, such as cost of buying land, anti-terrorism measures, conversion of venues after the games, extras like employing anti-doping staff, and transport costs.

Makes me wonder when and how Nigeria will host the Olympics. 

All the best to Team Nigerian.

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